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Parshat Tetzaveh, Parshat Zachor, 10 Adar 5780 - March 6, 2020

03/06/2020 02:26:00 PM


Shabbat Candle Lighting before: 5:23 PM

Please check the ERUV hotline at (781) 446-9797

Community Mikvah open for Leil Shabbat Women’s Tevillah 

Yoetzet Halakhah Sarah Cheses (339) 364-2848 or via email at

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RABBI’S MESSAGE: Mazal Tov to all our Daf Yomi participants who have taken the “Berakhos Challenge,” and have participated in learning Masekhet Berakhot, the first tractate of the Talmud and the new Daf Yomi cycle. Participants include (please let us know if we inadvertently or unknowingly left you out!): Lawrence Berger, Jody Dushay, David Fischer, Ephraim Fischer, Gene Gadon, Michael Ganz, Rachel Goldstein, Henry Goldstein, Paul Gompers, Andrew Greene, Sharon Haselkorn, Nancy Kolodny, Rabbi Hershel Lutch, Tzivia Lutch, Ernest Mandel, Daniel Milewich, Deanna Mirsky, Amy Newman, Avi Rockoff, Eric Roiter, Rabbi Benjamin Samuels, Yakir Samuels, Andrea Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Leann Shamash, Eve Sobel, Emma Stitcher, Mark Whittum, & Andrew Wiener. 

    We will be making a siyyum after the main Shabbat morning minyan. We will have a few brief daf yomi reflections by Henry Goldstein, Jody Dushay, Paul Gompers, Nancy Kooldny, and Ephraim Fischer. I have asked David Fisher to lead the siyyum, as he has been a frequent daf yomi teacher when I could not teach. I am filled with pride for our learning community, which embodies the idea that each of us is but a letter in the scroll of Torah. In the Hebrew language, a single letter has no meaning. There are no single letter Hebrew words. But letters conjoined together make statements of sacred meaning and profound purpose. Letters joined with letters fill the written Torah, pages after pages fill the Oral Torah. If you would like to join in our siyyum, consider learning the last page of Masekhet Berakhot, found here: Or come on Shabbat morning and join in. By participating in this siyyum, all of us together enact Jewish tradition and build Jewish destiny.

Mazal Tov! Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach! Rav Benjie


This Shabbat is Parshat Zachor, the Shabbat preceding Purim on which we fulfill our yearly biblical obligation to recall Amalek’s war on the Children of Israel upon their leaving Egypt and our perpetual battle against antisemitism, & the forces of evil and injustice in the world.  With the alarming rise of Jew-hatred these past two years, Parshat Zachor takes on even greater significance reminding us to stand up against bigotry and prejudice on behalf of our fellow Jews and other human beings. For those who are able to come to Shul (see Rabbi’s Coronavirus letter), both men and women should make sure to come to shul on time to fulfill this important obligation.  For parents with small children who may not be able to attend the regular reading of Zachor, we will have a second reading of Zachor immediately following davening in the main shul. For those who are unable to come to Shul, please read Devarim 25:17-19 in a Chumash. We will arrange another reading of Zachor later in the year. 


DON’T FORGET to vote in the World Zionist Congress election. This is the last week to vote. The World Zionist Congress sets the educational policy of the State of Israel for the Diaspora and influences the expenditure of $1B. Modern Orthodox Jews thus have an important stake in this vote to make sure that sufficient representation is achieved to maximize support for programs like zionist Yeshiva/Seminary education, gap-year programs, MASA, Birthright, etc. (People should read about the slates and vote their conscience. RBS recommends slate #4 of which he is an “ambassador” and nominated delegate).

Administrator’s Message: The office will be closed Wednesday and Thursday,  March 11 & 12.


LATE MAARIV meets at 9 PM. We need people to sign up for at least one night per week Monday through Thursday. Late Maariv takes less than 10 minutes and is critical that we have a minyan promptly for those saying Kaddish, observing Yahrtzeits and most importantly, to daven with a minyan. Sign up at







Late Maariv





6:40 AM

5:25 PM


CL before 5:23 PM




8:00 AM

9:00 AM

5:15 PM


4:30 PM Daf Yomi 

5:30 PM Snif on Shabbat for 2-6 graders, at Shaarei

Havdalah after 6:25 PM




8:00 AM

6:30 PM


Daylight Savings Time Begins

8:30 AM Teen Minyan

8:45 AM Rabbi Avi Rockoff Class

1:00 PM Purim Carnival with the Shlichot at Beth El.




6:10 AM

6:20 PM


Taanit Esther/ Erev Purim

5:43 AM Fast Begins

7:15 PM Megillah Reading (Sanctuary)

8:45 PM Late Megillah Reading

Fast Ends 7:16 PM




6:00 AM
8:00 AM

4:45 PM



7:30 AM WTG

5:00 PM Purim Seudah Dinner

6:40 PM Maariv (Sanctuary)

7:50 Post-Spiel Maariv (est.)




6:40 AM

6:30 PM

9:00 PM

Shushan Purim

7:30 PM Class with RBS

9:15-10 PM Daf Yomi 




6:30 AM 

6:30 PM

9:00 PM

9:15-10 PM Daf Yomi




6:40 AM

6:30 PM


CL before 6:31 PM




5:25 PM Minchah/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv 

SHABBAT MORNING  (Parshat Zachor) 

8:00 AM Hashkama Minyan (Downstairs Beit Midrash) 

9:00 AM Main Sanctuary Minyan. Anim Zmirot: Gabriel Katz. Post-Davening Community Daf Yomi Siyyum.

10:30 AM Youth Programs:

Torah Tots group (1-5 year olds) meet in the small Youth Room downstairs.

K-2nd grade group meet in the Large Youth Room across from the Beit Midrash men’s entrance.

4:30 PM Daf Yomi

5:15 PM Minchah: Youth leyner: Adin Wanderer. All youth who would like to participate should contact David Waxman to reserve a spot.  

5:30 PM Seudah Shlishit  Rabbi Samuels will teach.

5:30 PM Snif on Shabbat for 2-6 graders, at Shaarei

6:25 PM Maariv/Havdalah



SUNDAY March 8

Sunday Morning Teen Minyan at 8:30 AM in the Beit Midrash for davening and breakfast. All middle and high school girls and boys and their parents are invited to join us. For details please contact Hagay Ramati or David Berlove.

New Class! Shiur n'Shmear with Avi Rockoff at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM in the Bayit.

Sessions: Mar. 8, 15, 29;  Apr. 19, 26.

לכולם שמות נקרא : Jewish First Names in History, Halacha, Minhag, and Social Practice.


Purim Carnival with the Shlichot & Madrichim for a family - fun carnival under the sea, 1:00PM - 3:00 PM at Beth El. Come in a costume! Prizes, arts & crafts and snacks. $5 per family



New Class! Silence is Golden, Words are Precious, Talk is Cheap, but is Speech Free?

Jewish Ethical and Legal Considerations of Olam haDibbur (Domain of Communication) 

7:30 PM - 8:45 PM at Shaarei with Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels, PhD

Sessions, Wednesday evenings: March 18, 29; (April 1 will be rescheduled)

Over five-sessions, we will explore the theme of silence and statement in Jewish ethics and law.  When is silence golden? If words are precious, why is talk cheap? Is speech free, or does it come at a cost? We will consider in Tanakh when silence is an expression of suffering or a mode of sacred service and submission. We will interrogate Talmudic and Midrashic text to discover whether silence is assent or protest. And we will investigate how silence and statement are construed halakhically -- i.e., when is silence legal consent, and when is an oral expression a legal speech act?

Class is co sponsored by Ma’ayan and Shaarei. Free to Shaarei members. Register at to get the recordings and handouts.


Daf Yomi, weeknights after late Maariv, from 9:15-10 PM


THURSDAY  March 12 

Daf Yomi, weeknights after late Maariv, from 9:15-10 PM





Racial Justice and Equity and Jewish Values: We had a great meeting on January 12 to discuss ways in which the shul might respond to issues of racial justice and equity. We generated many ideas, and now will hold a second meeting on Sunday, March 15 at 7 PM to further the discussion and take steps forward on moving ideas into action. Please feel free to come, even if you weren't able to make the first meeting.

We hope that you can join us. Please let us know by selecting this link:


MONDAY March 16

Book Club Monday, 7:30 PM next Book Club meeting is Monday, when we will talk about  My Mother’s Son:  A Novel  by David Hirshberg.  This is a reminder that we need a volunteer to host the March meeting.  Please email to let us know if you can host. Thanks.

to discuss  My Mother’s Son:  A Novel  by David Hirshberg at a member’s home. For more information contact


Year 2 of Me’ah the winter/spring semester, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM at Shaarei in the Bayit.

Dr. Jacob Meskin will be teaching a Modern course. 

Sessions: Mar 16, 23, 30; Apr 20, 27; May 4; snow/sick days: May 11, 18; May 21 

Me’ah Graduation 6:30 PM at Hebrew College.


TUESDAY March 17

Winter/Spring Meah Class: Values in Practice: The Jewish Holidays in Jewish Law and Custom at Hebrew College. Instructor: Rabbi Benjamin Samuels. Tuesday mornings 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Sessions: March 17, 24, 31; April 7, 21, 28; May 5, 12, 19. 

Cost: $350. Financial aid is available; please contact for details.


SUNDAY March 22

Join Ma'ayan for our Health and Halacha Yom Iyun, Taking Care of Ourselves Sunday, March 22nd at Congregation Shaarei Tefillah in Newton.  Registration opens at 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM. The morning will be filled with shiurim by Dr. Ariela Okaby, Yoetzet Halacha Sarah Cheses, Dr. Yardaena Osband, Ruthy Glass, Ph.D., Avital Habshush. There will also be a special presentation by Sharsheret called "Healthy For Us, Healthy for Others Women’s Health and Empowerment."  Don't miss this exciting program open to women only. Register at


LATER in March - National Jewish Lives bookclub

We will be reading the next book with the Jewish lives national bookclub, Moses: A Human Life by Dr Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg. Whether you read the last book or not, or enjoyed it or not - this book is completely different. Join us and see!
Shaarei has a number of books for those who wish to buy a copy.
Please fill out this short form to get on the bookclub list, buy a book if applicable and importantly select the date for our next meeting. Suggested dates are later in March.
The date of the live author event is Thursday April 23. We will all get together at a location with good internet to watch and discuss.



Red Sox Game - Jewish Heritage Night Shaarei’s annual outing to Fenway for Jewish Heritage Night will be on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Our seats are in grandstand section 10, rows 13 and 14.  This is right field, about halfway between home plate and the right field foul pole. Tickets are $31 each.  If you would like to purchase tickets, contact Lance Kawesch at



Shaarei Tefillah’s Family Table program continues to partner with JF&CS in providing critically needed food. We have been assigned to provide 40 boxes of Whole Grain Pasta and 40 boxes of Whole Grain Cereal each month. Drop off anytime at the Family Table bin in the entrance lobby of the shul. 

Please consider volunteering in the rewarding experience of packing and distributing groceries for those in need. The scheduled upcoming Sundays are:  Mar 15, Apr 5, May 10, June 7, July 12. Contact Cheryl Levin at for more information or Lisa Katz at for more information and to schedule. 


New England Yoetzet Halacha Initiative (NEYHI) of Ma'ayan Yoetzet Halacha Sarah Cheses is available for consultation on questions regarding Taharat HaMishpacha (Jewish law relating to married life) and its intersection with women's health. She can be reached via phone or text at (339) 364-2848 or via email at The best hours to contact Sarah are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 8PM to 10PM. For more information and to stay connected, please visit and sign up for the mailing list.



Ma'ayan's spring classes have started. Introduction to Talmud with Dr. Yael Jaffe and Jewish ideas on speech with Rabbi Samuels. Starting this coming week, Rabbi Jaffe will teach on gemara mezuzah, Wednesdays at noon.  Visit for more information and to register.


The Zamir Chorale of Boston In The Round, Sun. March 15 at 3:00 PM. Featuring Joshua Jacobson, Artistic Director. The audience is surrounded by the choir. Look around and enjoy the “surround-sound”. Temple Reyim 1860 Washington St., Newton. Tickets are $18. Reserve in advance at or by calling 617-527-2410. Tickets will be available at the door.


Friends of the Arava Institute invites you to Water as an Instrument for Peace: Collaboration for the Future of the Middle East, Town Hall Meeting in memory of Prof. Franklin Fisher: Sunday, March 29, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, Temple Israel, 477 Longwood Ave, Boston (Free validated parking available).

Panel includes: Prof. Eilon Adar Professor Emeritus, Ben Gurion University and Chair, Arava Institute Board of Directors; Dr. Clive Lipchin Director, Center for Transboundary Water Management at the Arava Institute;  Prof. Sharon Megdal Director, Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona.

Please RSVP by March 20. For more information, please visit

For questions, or if you are interested in co-sponsorship, please contact us at 617-266-7100 or




PURIM 5780 Schedule

Ta’anit Esther, Monday, March 9

Fast Begins: 5:43 AM

Shacharit 6:10 AM

Minchah 6:20 PM

Sunset 6:44 PM

Fast Ends 7:16 PM

LEIL PURIM, Monday Night, March 9

6:50 PM Maariv in Main Sanctuary

7:00 PM Children’s Costume Parade Sanctuary

7:15 PM Adult and Family Megillah Reading Sanctuary

7:15 PM 2nd Maariv and “No Frills” Reading Beit Midrash

8:45 PM Late Reading in the Main Sanctuary (designed especially for parents of small children who may not have fulfilled his or her commandment to hear the entire reading at the first reading or who had stayed at home during the earlier service). This reading will also be available for those who need to shelter at home via conference call. The call-in number is (712) 770-5505; the access code is 999709. Please call in a few minutes early and mute your line.

PURIM DAY, Tuesday, March 10

6:00 AM Shacharit and Megillah Reading Sanctuary

7:30 AM Women’s Megillah Reading Sanctuary. This reading will also be available for those who need to shelter at home via conference call. The call-in number is (712) 770-5505; the access code is 999709. Please call in a few minutes early and mute your line.

8:00 AM Shacharit and Megillah Reading Beit Midrash. 

9:30 AM Conference Call Megillah Reading. The call-in number is (712) 770-5505; the access code is 999709. Please call in a few minutes early and mute your line.

4:45 PM Mincha

5:00 PM Shul Purim Seudah (for those with reservations)

~7:00 PM Shpiel after Meal and Children’s Entertainment with a live animal show,  face-painting and balloons! (no rsvp required)

6:45 PM Shekiyah - Sunset

Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780