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Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Chanukah, Parshat Miketz , 29 Kislev 5780 - December 27, 2019 

12/27/2019 02:40:34 PM


Shabbat Candle Lighting before: 4:00 PM

Please check the ERUV hotline at (781) 446-9797

Community Mikvah open for Leil Shabbat Women’s Tevillah 

Yoetzet Halakhah Sarah Cheses (339) 364-2848 or via email at



This week we began our eight-day celebration of Chanukah. This Shabbat, we observe - well, Shabbat, of course, and also Rosh Chodesh Tevet. And this coming week, we mark the end of the decade with a shout of “Happy New Year!”when the clock strikes twelve on December 31. In our parashah, we learn of Pharoh’s dreams and Yosef’s interpretations of seven years of plenty and seven of famine. The commonality shared by all these events is the human ordering of time. Nature presents us with regular cycles and seasons, but their actual measure challenges, if not defies, precise standardization. We use the biblical base-7 mathematical system to count our days, weeks and Sabbatical cycles. We use the Babylonian base-60 mathematical system to order our hours and astronomical observations upon which the Hebrew lunar month calendar relies. We conjoin this with the Roman decimal (base-10) system to count our secular decades, and even our months - albeit imperfectly - e.g., December is both the 10th month and the 12th month; Sept. - the 7th and 9th; Oct. - the 8th and 10th, etc. Nature is at times consistent and at times unruly, and we do our best to chronologically tame it for our purposes, thus the number of days in our months vary; and leap years round out chronologically rough years. My point of all this is to highlight that keeping time is a wonderful Divinely mandated human invention whose purpose is to give structure to a dimension of our experience, allow for coordinated and cooperative activity, and provide a shared platform for meaning-making. Consider the following statement: “Let’s all meet up at Shul on the 7th day at the 9th hour in the morning of  the 30th of the Hebrew month of Kislev in the year 5780, corresponding to Saturday, the 28th of December, 2019.” This simple statement is a human wonder of math, science, and sociology. It allows us to work together and create sacred meaning and purpose

                This coming week, there is one more marker deserving of notice. Next Shabbat, on 7 Tevet, 5780 (January 4th 2020), the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi comes to its formal conclusion. There are numerous siyyums taking place across the Jewish world; the largest being Agudath Israel’s Siyyum HaShas this coming Wednesday in New Jersey on January 1. See community announcements below for others. The Daf Yomi program studies a folio page a day from the Babylonian Talmud for roughly seven and a half years - covering all 2711 of them. The number is arbitrary, based on the pagination of a certain publishing house’s Talmud. The ordering of shared study by Jewish men, and increasingly women, the world over is a wonder of Jewish solidarity through Torah learning, in addition to the aggregate feat and the daily infusion of meaning in the lives of its students. Interested in joining me for the next Daf Yomi cycle? A new challenge for a new decade?  I await your affirmative answer!

                Shabbat Shalom, Chodesh Tov, Chanukah Sameach, and a Happy New Year and new decade!

                  Rav Benjie



LATE MAARIV meets at 9 PM. We need people to sign up for at least one night per week Monday through Thursday. Late Maariv takes less than 10 minutes and is critical that we have a minyan promptly for those saying Kaddish, observing Yahrtzeits and most importantly, to daven with a minyan. Sign up at






 Late Maariv





 6:20 AM

4:00 PM


Chanukah 6 candles

CL before 4:00 PM




8:00 AM

9:00 AM

3:50 PM


Havdalah after 5:02 PM

Chanukah 7 candles




8:00 AM

4:05 PM


Chanukah 8 candles




6:20 AM

4:05 PM

9:00 PM

7:15 AM RBS Talmud Study




6:20 AM

4:05 PM






8:00 AM

4:05 PM


Happy New Year




6:30 AM

4:05 PM

9:00 PM

7:00 PM Tai Chi




 6:40 AM

4:05 PM


CL before 4:06 PM




4:00 PM Minchah/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv


8:00 AM Hashkama Minyan (Downstairs Beit Midrash)

9:00 AM Main Sanctuary Minyan. Anim Zmirot: Matan Lakein. Dvar Torah: Lori Schuldiner Schor, the mother of Shayna Schor, on the occasion of Jonathan Cohen’s aufruf.

10:30 AM Youth Programs:

  • Torah Tots group (1-5 year olds) meet in the small Youth Room downstairs.
  • K-2nd grade group meet in the Large Youth Room across from the Beit Midrash men’s entrance.

3:50 PM Minchah: Youth leyner: Yosef Feld. All youth who would like to participate should contact David Waxman to reserve a spot. 

4:05 PM Seudah Shlishit Rabbi Samuels will teach on Chanukah

5:02 PM Maariv/Havdalah



  • RBS Talmud Study, 7:15 AM

THURSDAY Jan 2, 2020

  • Program with Shlichot: Challah Bake for all Women and Girls 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at Beth El. In honor of Chodesh Tevet, all women and girls are invited to bake Challah with Shai & Hadar.
  • Tai Chi 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the Social Hall with Danny Wyschogrod. Beginners welcome.



THURSDAY Jan 2, 2020

Tai Chi 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the Social Hall with Danny Wyschogrod. Beginners welcome.

SATURDAY Jan 4, 2020

SHAAREI’S ANNUAL AIPAC MOTZEI SHABBAT GATHERING: Saturday night, January 4, 2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Featuring delicious Israeli wine, cheese and dessert.

Elon Stricker, AIPAC Boston Area Director, will update us on how to ensure bipartisan support for Israel in a complex, partisan environment and the stakes in 2020.

Elon Stricker has been a member of the AIPAC professional staff for eight years and actively involved in the national pro-Israel political movement for over a decade. 

As the AIPAC Boston Area Director, Elon is responsible for guiding, educating and mobilizing AIPAC’s lay leadership in their pro-Israel activism. Elon is also responsible for development in the Boston area, maintaining and growing the current member base and cultivating new members and activists.



  • Sunday Morning Teen Minyan at 8:30 AM in the Beit Midrash for davening and breakfast. All middle and high school girls and boys and their parents are invited to join us. For details please contact Hagay Ramati or David Berlove.


MONDAY Jan 6, 2020

  • Year 2 of Me’ah the fall semester, 7-9:30 PM at Shaarei in the Bayit.

Dr. Alan Verskin will be teaching a Medieval course.

Remaining Sessions: Jan 6 , 13, 20, 17

  • Bookclub January 6th at 7:30 to discuss Washington Black by Esi Eduygan. Please contact us at for additional information.

WEDNESDAY Jan 8, 2020

  • NCYS Teen Learning Fellowship 7:30 PM

Sessions: Jan 8, 15

All High School age students are invited to join across the Greater Boston area as we explore the Jewish perspective on current events, issues and news headlines. Teens will have the opportunity to learn with mentors in the community. For more information, contact Rabbi Yudi Risiel at or to sign up click here.

  • Rabbi’s Wednesday Night Class 7:30 - 8:45 PM; Remaining Sessions: Jan 8, 15

Standing on One Foot: Essential Jewish Values and Core Ideas

Co-sponsored by Shaarei and Ma’ayan. This class is free to Shaarei members, please register at to get access to online resources.


Friday - Sunday Jan 10-12, 2020


Tuesday Jan 14, 2020

  • Mishna Study with J. David Jacobs, 7:15 - 8:00 AM. The mishna study will be taking a break until January 14




Shaarei Tefillah’s Family Table program continues to partner with JF&CS in providing critically needed food. We have been assigned to provide 40 boxes of Whole Grain Pasta and 40 boxes of Whole Grain Cereal each month. Drop off anytime at the Family Table bin in the entrance lobby of the shul. 

Please consider volunteering in the rewarding experience of packing and distributing groceries for those in need. The scheduled upcoming Sundays are:  Jan 26, 2020, Feb 23, Mar 15, Apr 5, May 10, June 7, July 12.

Contact Cheryl Levin at for more information or Lisa Katz at for more information and to schedule. 

New England Yoetzet Halacha Initiative (NEYHI) of Ma'ayan Yoetzet Halacha Sarah Cheses is available for consultation on questions regarding Taharat HaMishpacha (Jewish law relating to married life) and its intersection with women's health. She can be reached via phone or text at (339) 364-2848 or via email at The best hours to contact Sarah are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 8PM to 10PM. For more information and to stay connected, please visit and sign up for the mailing list.




Sunday, January 5:  Women’s Siyum HaShas @ Maimonides School. Doors open at 10:30 am. 

Join Ma'ayan for an exciting day of learning with Rabbanit Gilla Rosen. Her keynote address will give an overview of Masechet Rosh Hashana. Together we will watch the livestream feed of Hadran's siyum HaShas from Jerusalem, and be inspired by Ma'ayan's siyum of Masechet Rosh Hashana and learn the beginning of Masechet Brachot. Each registration includes a delicious lunch. Men and women are invited to be a part of the celebration. There will also be a chance to learn a daf with Rabbanit Gilla Rosen on Motzei Shabbat, January 4th, at Young Israel of Brookline. Visit for more information and to register.


Monday, January 20: MLK Day of Service: Shaarei is partnering with the Boston JCRC MLK Day of Service. Spend your day off work and school with other Shaarei families, painting and beautifying the Blackstone Elementary School in Boston's South End.  This event is open to families with children ages 4 and up, on January 20, 2020 from 9:30 to 12:30. To sign up, please visit, click on "Young Family Volunteering" and choose St. Stephen's Youth Programs - Blackstone Elementary. Note that adults without children are more than welcome to register but please go to the young family section on the JCRC website to find the Blackstone project option. Questions? Contact Shoshie: 


Tikvah Fund Maimonides Scholars Program is a two-week summer institute (Session 1: June 28-July 9; Session 2: July 26-August 6) in Jewish thought and philosophy at Yale University for high school juniors and seniors. We read, discuss, and debate the greatest texts in the Jewish and Western canon including the Torah, Talmud, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Rousseau, Maimonides, and Spinoza. We have hundreds of Jewish teens participate each summer, and our website can be found here. For more information, contact Rachel Kaissar <>. 



If you wish to donate a sefer (Siddur, Chumash, Library Book) in honor of or in memory of a person or people, please go to:

Fri, August 14 2020 24 Av 5780