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Fortieth Anniversary

On Sukkot 5783 (2022) Shaarei Tefillah will begin our 40th year of building our Kehillah Kedoshah of Tefillah – prayer; Talmud Torah - Torah Learning; Chesed & Mishpat – Acts of Kindness & Social Action. Forty is an important number in our tradition, symbolizing growth and wholeness, from generation to generation.

Siyyum haTaNaKh

To celebrate this milestone year, we are planning a collective study of TaNaKh culminating in a celebratory communal Siyyum haTaNaKh - among other projects and activities!

We will be posting online resources and create crowd-sourcing opportunities for optional sharing our learning with each other. 

Please email for the sign-up link to study a book or section of a book of TaNaKh!


Select TaNaKh Study Online Resources

250 Common Words in Tanakh – Improve your biblical Hebrew! This list of common terms from “Dah Bear” also includes root words and English definitions.

929 – There are 929 chapters in Tanakh. 929 is an online program to study all of Tanakh by chapter, 5 chapters per week, in about 3 ½ years. There are blogs on each chapter on the website as well as other resources. 24 in 24 offers brief talks (about 20 minutes) on each book of Tanakh.

Rabbi Alex Israel The Parsha Discussion (part of Pardes’s Digital “Elmad Library”) and Making Tanakh Meaningful website featuring studies of Sefer Melakhim and lots of parasha resources.

’Al HaTorah is a robust online Jewish text platform that features a full online text of the Mikraot Gedolot editions of the books of Tanakh, as well as a Concordance, dictionary, and more. The site is fully searchable and English translations of some texts are available. 

AlephBeta Sophisticated, yet accessible to a range of ages, these short animated video studies of the parasha and other books of the Tanakh are great for visual (and all) learners. 

BimBam  Great animated storytelling to spark connections to Judaism, Torah, and Tanakh texts for learners of all ages, but especially for kids & families.

Covenant and Conversation (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks zt”l) Rabbi Sacks on the parasha, occasionally the Haftorah, and other essays.

Drisha Institute The Drisha Online Library has ~1200 lecture series, including studies of Tanakh.

Koren Maggid Studies in Tanakh This is an excellent  series of explanations, classical and contemporary commentaries of books of Tanakh. Currently, there are 15 books in the series, covering 19 books of Tanakh. 

Ma’ayan Based in Boston, Ma’yan offers online courses throughout the year on Tanakh texts

OU Women’s Initiative Nach Yomi Nach Yomi is one of many programs of the OU Women’s Initiative. One chapter of Nach per day in a 2 ½ year cycle. There is a 15-20 minute podcast on each chapter on their website offering summary and commentary.  

Prof. Nechama Leibowitz zt”l Gilyonot (in English) These are the famous gilyonot of Nechama Leibowitz, organized by parasha.
Prof. Nechama Leibowitz zt”l Gilyonot (in Hebrew) These are the famous gilyonot of Nechama Leibowitz, organized by parasha.

Rav Yaakovson Questions on Nevi’im Rishonim Rav Yissaschar Yaakovson lists thought questions for every chapter in Nevi’im Rishonim (Hebrew language).

Sefaria is a “non-profit organization offering free access to texts, translations, and commentaries so that everyone can participate in the ongoing process of studying, interpreting, and creating Torah.” “The Tanach Study Center,” organized by Rabbi Menahem Liebtag,  is designed to provide the student with a structured learning program for self-study of Tanach. The site contains: 

Ongoing Shiurim
Student Resource Material

Torah in Motion Torah in Motion, led by Rabbi Jay and Ilana Kelman from Toronto, offers numerous online Zoom classes on a wide range of text based classes, with well known and familiar instructors from North America and Israel.

Virtual Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Har Etzion features numerous online self-directed courses on Tanakh, and other categories of Torah Study.

YUTORAH features ~280K downloadable shiurim on Torah Topics, including parasha and Tanach.

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