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Women's Tefillah Group

Our Women's Tefillah Group aims to support the spirituality of women and girls of all ages and levels of Jewish education. We provide a makom tefillah for prayer services and life cycle events (bat mitzvah, Shabbat kallah, yahrtzeit, etc) at a level with which each individual is comfortable. Events include Shacharit services a few times a year, monthly Minchah on Shabbat mevorachim, Megillot readings, Kabbalat Shabbat services, and a Simchat Torah service and celebration. We also teach women seeking to lead services by leyning, or functioning as a chazzanit or gabbayit.

For more information, please contact us here.


The 2021 Calendar of Women's Tefillah events for 2020-2021 will be available soon.

 *Times are subject to change. Please check the weekly announcements to check the timing of events.

Please contact Natalie if you would like to leyn, lead davening, be a gabbayit, give a D’var Torah, or learn the skills to be able to do any of these activities. Please let us know if you would like to help organize or lead a new learning activity.

WTG Simchat Torah:  

On Simchat Torah Morning the WTG service will start at 9:45 AM (corresponding to approximately the 3rd hakafa) in the Beit Midrash downstairs.  After one communal reading we will break into four stations to continue reading.

WTG will honor the following women with the first five aliyot this Simchat Torah, in recognition of their ongoing commitment and contributions to our community: Marcia Feld for her continuing leadership of our community; Emma Stitcher for her service as Education Chair; Rachel Mandel for her service on the Shaarei Board; Dina Grossman for her youth leadership; Or-El Ankori for her youth leadership.

Deborah Stanhill will be honored with Kol Hane’arot in recognition of her many years of organizing WTG Simchat Torah. 

Last year more than 100 women in our community had aliyot on Simchat Torah.  Please note the following guidelines to accommodate everyone and help our service run smoothly: 

Please be respectful of time constraints and arrive on time. 

Emma Stitcher will be handing out aliya cards as quickly as possible.  When the first, communal reading is finished, if you already have your aliya card please move to one of the youth rooms.  If you should happen to come after we've started the general readings, please collect your aliya card from Emma and then move to the youth rooms. If you do not have an aliya card, go to the beit midrash.

Mothers of young girls please bring your daughters to the beit midrash at 11:30 AM for Kol Hane’arot.

Women planning on having an aliya on Simchat Torah morning should not say birchot hatorah in shacharit.

Eleven-year-old girls are welcome to have a "practice" aliya.

Finally, more than 25 women are helping in some way to run this Simchat Torah service for our community.  Thank you all.


Sat, November 27 2021 23 Kislev 5782