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Shivii Shel Pesach and Acharon Shel Pesach

04/21/2022 01:57:28 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

The last days of Pesach outside the Land of Israel are referred to as: Shivii Shel Pesach and Acharon Shel Pesach, respectively. This year, because there was no Shabbat Chol haMoed Pesach, some of our practices, such as reading Shir HaShirim, take place on Shevii Shel Pesach. The 7th day of Pesach commemorates the splitting of the Red Sea and the Children of Israel passing through to the other side, symbolizing that the journey from bondage to freedom is multi-stepped, with smooth and rough passages. With God’s help, and our perseverance, however, we will continue forward! The 8th day of Pesach both ends our celebration of Pesach this year, as well as anticipates the final redemption of history. We need redemptive peace in Israel, in Ukraine, and in our world, may it speedly arrive.

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom, Rav Benjie

Tue, September 27 2022 2 Tishrei 5783