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Shavuot Yizkor Appeal: Yemin Orde Youth Village

06/14/2022 02:25:56 PM


Jonathan Levisohn & Emily Beck

As we shared before Shavuot via email and on Shavuot before Yizkor, our community at Shaarei Tefillah has a special opportunity this year to coordinate our Shavuot Yizkor Appeal with the OU’s campaign called “Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry.” How does the campaign work? Each shul that participates designates a particular organization as the recipient of the funds that it raises. We raise money for that organization either via the Shaarei office (by check, with a designation in the memo line), via the Shaarei website (check the Shavuot Yizkor Appeal dropdown on the donations page), or most easily, directly on this page.

The benefits of participating in this broader OU campaign are:

  1.  the platform is completely fee-free; 
  2.  the OU handles the distribution of the funds for us; and
  3.  most importantly, every dollar that we donate unlocks a dollar of matching funds that have been raised by the OU, up to $3.7m (there’s about $1m left to go to hit the target).

Our appeal is for Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Yemin Orde is a home, school and safe haven to 450 at-risk and immigrant youth from around the world. Most recently, they have undertaken to meet the needs of a group of over 40 Ukrainian teenage refugees. Our support will help to provide essentials—housing, food, medicine—and to address their urgent therapeutic and educational needs. (Note that the contributions will go ImpactIsrael, which is the fundraising arm for Yemin Orde.)

Please contribute generously to support this worthwhile organization, while also joining together with the broader Orthodox community in this coordinated effort on behalf of Ukrainian Jewry.

Wed, February 28 2024 19 Adar I 5784