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Helping with Pharmacy and Grocery Home Delivery

As a community, we strive to be here for each other.  Many members of our community must remain home because they are sick, immunocompromised, or elderly. Today, we hope to provide front door delivery of essentials from pharmacy and grocery stores to our kahal members who must remain home due to COVID-19.


If you need home delivery:

Many stores, including the following, are already offering free delivery.  CVS and Walgreens pharmacies (Visit or 

The Butcherie 617-731-9888 or

For larger grocery orders, we encourage you to try online shopping when possible (, www.peapod.comAmazon Fresh, etc). 


If none of these services suits your needs, Shaarei volunteers are ready to shop for you and delivery your necessities to your front door. Please click the link below for the online order form: Shopping Form Link


---Please note this service is ONLY for people who must not leave their homes because they are at higher risk of catching the virus because they are sick, immunocompromised or elderly and thus at a higher risk of catching the virus. 

---Please understand that stores may have a shortage of certain items, and volunteers will only be shopping at one store. We cannot guarantee that we will find all the requested items nor can we commit to a specific delivery time.

---For questions, please contact Frederique Smits


Volunteer to shop? Here is how you can help

If you are planning to shop for your family and are willing to pick up a few extra items, or if you can volunteer several times in the coming weeks, we need your help!

Please email  and indicate the dates and times that you are available, and the names of the store(s) at which you regularly shop.


I would like to volunteer to shop and deliver               I need items home delivered



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