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Sign Up for the Tu B'Shevat Seder, Sunday, January 21-Registration Deadline is in 3 days!

01/09/2024 03:48:53 PM


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Shaarei Shabbat Shira Dinner - January 26

01/04/2024 12:44:28 PM


Congregation Shaarei Tefillah
35 Morseland Avenue
Newton, MA 02459
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Shaarei Community Ice Skating Night - Motzei Shabbat, January 20

01/04/2024 09:45:42 AM


Congregation Shaarei Tefillah
35 Morseland Avenue
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Join Us for the Tu B'Shevat Seder, Sunday, January 21

01/03/2024 03:38:08 PM


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New in-person Class Starts This Sunday 2/12, 10AM: Sefer Habakuk with Avi Rockoff

02/12/2023 08:45:27 AM


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Join Us for the Tu B'Shevat Seder

01/29/2023 09:52:28 AM


Tu B'Shevat is coming
 and that means a return to the
Yachad & Shaarei
Tu B'Shevat Seder!
This is a community-centric, volunteer-led, fe

Important Change of Venue Shabbat Minyanim Message

10/20/2022 03:16:55 PM


On Shabbat, Hashkama Minyan will meet at 8am in the Social Hall; Main Minyan will meet at 9am in the Sanctuary.Read more...

Parshat Vayeilech - Shabbat Shuva

09/30/2022 10:22:01 AM


Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels

This Shabbat is the first Shabbat of the New Year! It’s somewhat ironic then that we read in the Torah of Moshe’s final day on Earth. How did Moshe spend his last day? Did he sleep in? Did he check his bucket list and go off on an adventure? “Vayelekh Moshe - And Moshe went” to each Shevet (tribe), to each family, to every person throughout the encampment of Israel to say farewell, to bless them, to encourage them to support...Read more...

Shabbat Youth Groups are back starting this Shabbat, 8/20

08/18/2022 12:04:26 PM


Shabbat Groups are back for 6-9 year olds!
From the Shabbat Teen Leaders:
We are excited to announce that groups are coming back for 6-9Read more...

Parshat Vaetchanan

08/12/2022 02:19:12 PM


Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels

Our Sages teach us at the end of Masekhet Ta’anit in the Talmud that the two most joyous days on the Jewish calendar are Tu b’Av (the 15th of Av - today!) and Yom Kippur.Read more...

Fast of the 17th of Tammuz

07/15/2022 10:26:55 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

This Sunday is the fast of the 17th of Tammuz (schedule below), which begins the period known as the “Three Weeks.” Please click here for a FAQ for the halakhot of the Three Weeks. It is a rabbinical mitzvah to fast and those able to fast should do so. However, this Sunday’s fast day is a nidcheh - a delayed fast day since the actual 17th of Tammuz is on Shabbat - which allows for justified leniency for those for whom fasting...Read more...

Parshat Korach

07/01/2022 09:15:58 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Parshat Korach is both a match and a mismatch for the 4th of July weekend. Korach’s declaration of independence and failed rebellion outlines a contrasting narrative to the successful rebellion and independence of the American colonies. This coming Monday, the 4th of July, we will celebrate the 246th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It was only on September 17, 1787 that 39 of the 55 delegates of the Constitutional...Read more...

Parshat Beha'alotekhah

06/17/2022 03:27:44 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Parshat Beha’alotekhah begins with the kindling of the Menorah. The Torah teaches:

דַּ בֵּר֙ אֶֽל־אַהֲר֔ןֹ וְאָמַרְ תָּ֖ אֵלָ֑יו בְּהַעֲלֹֽתְךָ֙ אֶת־הַ נֵּר֔תֹ אֶל־מוּל֙ פְּנֵ֣י הַ מְּ נוֹרָ֔ה יָאִ֖ירוּ שִׁ בְעַ֥ת הַ נֵּרֽוֹת
Speak to Aaron, and tell him, 'When you light the...Read more...

Seeking Summer & Fall Teen Leaders

06/15/2022 01:24:40 PM


Vicki Cochran, Youth Chair

Seeking teens 14+ to become Teen Leaders!

Shavuot Yizkor Appeal: Yemin Orde Youth Village

06/14/2022 02:25:56 PM


Jonathan Levisohn & Emily Beck

As we shared before Shavuot via email and on Shavuot before Yizkor, our community at Shaarei Tefillah has a special opportunity this year to coordinate our Shavuot Yizkor Appeal with the OU’s campaign called “Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry.” How does the campaign work? Each shul that participates designates a particular organization as the recipient of the funds that it raises. We raise money for that organization either...Read more...

Parshat Emor

05/13/2022 01:54:47 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Parshat Emor highlights the Jewish holidays: 

דַּבֵּ֞ר אֶל־בְּנֵ֤י יִשְׂרָאֵל֙ וְאָמַרְתָּ֣ אֲלֵהֶ֔ם מוֹעֲדֵ֣י ה' אֲשֶׁר־תִּקְרְא֥וּ אֹתָ֖ם מִקְרָאֵ֣י קֹ֑דֶשׁ אֵ֥לֶּה הֵ֖ם מוֹעֲדָֽי׃

...The festivals of Hashem, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations...


Shabbat Kedoshim

05/06/2022 11:58:55 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Last week, we read parshat Acharei Mot; this week, kedoshim. Often the two parshiot are conjoined, though not this year. There’s an old rabbinical saw that goes “acharei mos -> kedoshim” – i.e., after someone dies, their flaws are forgotten and they become solely holy. The American poet Carl Sanburg (1878-1967) expressed a similar idea at the end of his 6 vol. biography of Abraham Lincoln: “A tree is best measured when it is down...Read more...

Shabbat Achrei Mot

04/29/2022 12:49:22 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

This past Wednesday night, at Shaarei we hosted our annual joint-communal Yom HaShoah observance. To hear our friend Linda Jaffe’s bearing witness on behalf of her late father, Holocaust survivor George Shainfarber z”l, click here. This coming week, we observe Yom HaZikaron and celebrate Yom Haatzmaut with our larger community at the Young Israel of Brookline. May we as a People alway go from distress to relief, darkness to...Read more...

Shivii Shel Pesach and Acharon Shel Pesach

04/21/2022 01:57:28 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

The last days of Pesach outside the Land of Israel are referred to as: Shivii Shel Pesach and Acharon Shel Pesach, respectively. This year, because there was no Shabbat Chol haMoed Pesach, some of our practices, such as reading Shir HaShirim, take place on Shevii Shel Pesach. The 7th day of Pesach commemorates the splitting of the Red Sea and the Children of Israel passing through to the other side, symbolizing that the journey from bondage...Read more...

Pesach Guide 5782/2022

04/06/2022 10:33:43 AM


Rebecca Beit-Aharon

Click here for our Pesach guide! Includes important times, a detailed schedule and guide, and more.


From the Archive: An All-Inclusive History

03/29/2022 01:39:04 PM


Rebecca Beit-Aharon

In the April 1999/Nisan 5759 Shaarei newsletter, a flyer advertises the May 2 event “Special Education in the Jewish Community: Valuing All Our Children,” a three-and-a-half hour conference presented by Etgar Noar, a then-new organization “dedicated to meeting the challenge of giving children with special needs a Jewish education.”Read more...

Aish Tamid, Aish Zara

03/25/2022 11:42:33 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Last week, on Shabbat morning, I spoke about the Aish Tamid - the fire that came from Heaven but had to be perpetually maintained on the mizbeach in the Mishkan. The Aish Tamid comes to symbolize dedication, consistency and endurance in our avodat ha-kodesh - our sacred service, whether it be Torah learning, daily davening, or acts of chesed and social justice. This week’s parashah introduces the idea of Aish Zara - a foreign...Read more...

A Giving Heart

02/25/2022 10:03:25 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Nediv Lev - A Giving Heart is the opening theme of Parshat Vayekhel, as well as of Parshat Shekalim, and even is the driving principle of Chodesh Adar and Purim. The Mishkan—the place of God’s indwelling presence was built through generosity of spirit. The people of Israel were counted by their generosity. And the Jewish people likewise are redeemed in times of trouble...Read more...

Calling All Minyan People!

02/18/2022 12:51:02 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

In 1987, a seventeen year old high school student named Victor Shine penned a poignant folk song called “Minyan Man.” It describes a small town Orthodox minyan whose 10th man had recently passed away. Then, unexpectedly, a Jewish visitor rolls into town, becoming the “minyan man,” bringing new life to the old shul. Shine sent his demo (click here) to his friend Lenny Solomon, founder of the band Shlock Rock. Lenny rearranged...Read more...

UPDATED SHAAREI COVID19 PROTOCOLS: Important Message from Rabbi Samuels & Presidents Alex Klibaner

02/18/2022 09:31:10 AM



We have updated our Shul’s Covid-safety protocols from time to time, as warranted by the changing dynamics of our shared, ongoing global paRead more...

From the Archive: Still Worth Working For

02/17/2022 10:01:30 AM


Rebecca Beit-Aharon

What issues mattered to Shaarei Tefillah in Spring 1986? Are we still worth working for?Read more...

What do you do each day?

02/10/2022 01:32:46 PM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

What do you do each day? Of course, we all eat, sleep, and care for ourselves and our family. If we are students in school, we study; if we are in our work years, we work; if we are retired, we have choices to make regarding how to fill our time. There has never, however, been a time that I can recall more Jewish choices for all of us - students, workers, retirees - about what we can Jewishly do each day. Certainly, daily davening continues,...Read more...

From the Archive: A History of Activism

02/09/2022 09:16:45 AM


Rebecca Beit-Aharon

How did Shaarei's early members advocate for a place to worship?Read more...

Our Kehillah Kedoshah

02/04/2022 10:20:56 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

Exodus 25:8 reads:

ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם - And you shall make for Me a Sanctuary and I will dwell amongst them.

This mitzvah to build a holy community comes from this week’s parashah. It emphasizes the idea that while Hashem may be everywhere, Hashem is only perceived as present to those who invite the Divine into their midst. It also teaches that Divine immanence is not...Read more...

From Amalek to Yitro

01/21/2022 11:22:08 AM


Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

This morning, the Ruderman Family Foundation released a report on their recent panel study and survey, which found that 94% of American Jews feel that there is antisemitism in the United States, with over 50% of respondents personally having experienced antisemtism either directly or through family and friends over the past five years. Unfortunately, this should not come as a surprise to us. “Bekhol dor va-dor - in every...Read more...

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